Mississippi Installment Loans

Tower Loan and Mississippi

Tower Loan has been experiencing prosperity and growth ever since it first opened in 1936 when the consumer finance industry was just beginning to develop. After WWII, the original Tower group sold its offices to some of the employees. Ed and Kate Clark purchased the South State Street office in Jackson, Mississippi. This single office grew into 16 new offices across Mississippi under the leadership of the Clarks.

After Kate Clark passed away, Ed Clark sold 12 of his offices to Jack Lee in 1972. Despite various obstacles, Tower Loan has continued to grow throughout time. In 1983, we had 29 offices throughout the state of Mississippi, which made us the biggest consumer finance company in the entire state.

Today, Tower Loan has 77 offices located across the state, providing loans in Mississippi to those who need them. With offices all over the state, from Horn lake to Pascagoula, we help hundreds of clients get the best possible experience at any moment.

What does Tower Loan offer in Mississippi?

As one of the leading loan companies in Mississippi, Tower Loan provides personal loans for any purpose. No matter if you are looking for Mississippi installment loans, or you need $700 for a motorcycle repair, or you want to buy your kid a new guitar, we can help you get the funds you need.

Each of the loans we offer has a monthly payment and a fixed interest rate. You will also know, upfront, the precise number of payments required to pay your loan in full. With Tower Loan, there are no strange jumps and drops in exchange rates, no hidden fees, and no debts that never seem to be paid down.

We offer several types of loans to serve any need you might have, including:

Online application, statements, and payments

We take pride in enabling our clients to apply online for personal loans in Mississippi in less than 10 minutes. The whole process is straightforward, and those who qualify will even be able to sign the necessary documentation electronically. You can have the funds sent to your account without ever needing to step out of your room.

Applying online for our Mississippi installment loans takes three simple steps:

  • Start the process by applying online here.
  • Answer several questions so we can verify your identity. After this step, we will send you an email to let you know whether you were approved or declined.
  • Speak to a representative, sign the documents electronically, and receive the funds.

We know life is unpredictable, and we always serve our clients with that fact in mind. Whether we need to adjust your interest rate or give you more time to repay the loan, we will always go the extra mile for each of our clients.

Why Tower Loan?

Tower Loan has been serving personal loans in Jackson MS, as well as across the entire state, throughout many decades. We have been happy to help our customers by making their repayment plans convenient and fuss-free. Less challenging repayments include our straightforward, no-nonsense approach, which we’ve heard is highly valued by our clients.

There is no fear of getting lost in endless revolving debt, as we offer equal installment payments for all of our loans. In addition to being able to apply for and receive a loan entirely online, you can have a face-to-face conversation with professionals at our offices right in your community, whenever you need.

We know that sometimes face-to-face customer service is the best way to address your concerns, so we take pride in our outstanding customer service in each of our offices: we’re happy to work through any issue that you might have.

We will never sell any of our client’s loan accounts to anyone, unlike many other companies do once the loan is repaid.

What can your personal loan be used for?

Personal Mississippi installment loans can be used for numerous purposes. You can get a personal loan whether you are looking for personal loans in Mississippi because you need to make a big purchase for your house, or to consolidate a high-interest credit card debt.

Since personal loans have better interest rates, the most popular purpose of using a personal loan is to repay some debt from another account or a credit card.

Many people are looking for a Mississippi loan so they can take their families on fantastic vacations they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. You can use our Mississippi loans with almost no limits. Whether you would like to use it as a down payment for a large purchase, such as a new vehicle, or you’re looking for online loans in Mississippi to cover your wedding costs, personal loans are the way to go.